What I’ve packed for a years backpacking, and what I wish I packed!

  • When I look at my bags I’m like wow I’ve packed a lot, but then I see fellow snails (aka backpackers) lugging 80+ litre backpacks and I feel a little better. Fitting a whole year’s worth of items into one backpack and one front pack is not easy! I must have packed and repacked about five times. Before I packed there was the complexity of choosing the right backpack. After all this bag was supposed to last me a year. What type, make, size, and weight, along with how many compartments, zips and strap variability made this a nightmare. In the end I choose a red 55 litre bag from Eurohike as I’ve used Eurohike gear backpacking from Portsmouth UK to Morocco a few years back, and it had held up pretty well. I also purchased a 10 litre Eurohike front pack to hold my valuables. I purchased both of these bags on sale from Millets. Into my front pack I’ve packed: My kindle, wallet, headphones, iPhone, travel adapter, tablet and wireless keyboard, eye mask and ear plugs, sunglasses and case, daily contact lenses, spectacles and case, watercolour paints and pad, a large lock, a fan I purchased in Hong Kong, a journal and pen, a USB stick, chargers for my electric items, a travel pillow, a shawl (purchased in Bali) and my LUMIX camera, spare memory card and camera bag. In my main bag: I’ve packed my guitar capo, a Pacsafe, a medical kit (antibiotics, painkillers, plasters, latex gloves, insect repellent, antihistamines, suncream, anti inflammatory tablets ect), 2 x bikinis, one beach cover up, 2 x black multiway bras, flip flops for showers, my trainers, black sandals, a hiking sports outfit, (black top and leggings), one pair of hippy Pom Pom shorts which I use as PJs or on the beach (purchased in Bali), leggings, black jeans, blue jean shorts, black shorts, a brown belt, a flower print playsuit, 2 cute print dresses, tank tops x 3, a green top (purchased in Thailand) a stripy crop top, a stripy t-shirt, a flower print blue and white top, 3 pairs of black ankle socks, fake bloody tan because I am that pale!, wax strips, tweezers, a travel body and hair towel, mascara, bronzer, concealer, lipgloss, eyeshadow, liner, a comb, mini hair straighteners (which a friend kindly gave to me), a nail file, dental floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, exfoliating gloves, hair gloss, and my clear toiletry bag.

Because it was so cold in Korea, I now also have a crop hoodie and a pink coat which is very annoying as it’s boiling here in the Philippines. Anyways that’s the lot…no wonder I feel like my back is breaking! At this stage, I am SO sick of wearing the same clothes but I remind myself as to how lucky I am to even have a choice after seeing some of the extreme poverty in Asia. Sometimes there are things I wish I’d brought from home such as a roast dinner, baked beans, Fry’s dark mint chocolate bars, a bottle of Baileys and ice, my hamster (he sadly passed away recently) and my beautiful tanglewood guitar. I have never missed an object so much in my entire life! Anyways if you’re a girl and thinking of going travelling long term this list may help. You can probably cut a load of items out but I like my home comforts. If it’s too much and you’re travelling with a boy, sneak stuff into his bag.

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