Backpacking Hong Kong on a budget. (15/09/17 to 21/09/17)

We arrived into Hong Kong from Malaysia. Our purpose other than visiting this incredible city was to apply for our visa into China. We used Forever Bright Agency, which takes three to five working days depending on how much money you are willing to spend. They only accept cash and you will need your ‘arrival card’ which you get on your way into Hong Kong.      

While waiting for our visa to be approved, Tim and I had so much fun in Hong Kong slurping down yummy noodles, visiting the Peak Tram, taking the Star Ferry, doing some late night shopping at Temple Market and contemplating getting our cards read from the many ‘psychics’ set up along the pavements. All of these trips cost little to nothing. We also encountered the stickiest heat, witnessed overpopulation at its best, breathed in heavy pollution and encountered many working girls on the streets. The neon lights, horse racing, fun nights spent drinking outside 7 Eleven stores, (a popular pass-time in Hong Kong as alcohol is SO expensive) along with our time spent wandering Chinese pharmacies, watching terrible karaoke and looking down revealing backstreet alleys, will stay with me for a lifetime.

The city is very easy and cheap to get around using the MRT. We never attempted the bus other than to use the airport bus which is super cheap so try not to get a taxi if you can. The delicious street food is also super cheap as it is in most of Asia. You will never go hungry as food is everywhere in Hong Kong, the people never seem to stop eating! Anything you can think of is on the menu, such as, frog porridge, fried insects and chicken feet. Space is so limited in Hong Kong, it has tiny flats crammed on top of one another in every available place. One building alone can house bars, hostels, restaurants, betting halls and shops all crammed in together. This means finding a specific place can be a bit of a nightmare as everything is written in Chinese so a map of some sort is paramount.   

We witnessed what it’s like to live in a tiny living space staying in a windowless tiled room with the smallest bathroom I’ve ever seen. This was known as a ‘micro hotel’. The bathroom was so small I felt like I was drowning every time I used the shower. Check out some documentaries on ‘You Tube’, of the interesting ways people use the limited space in Hong Kong, it will leave you speechless.  

If you have a bigger budget, I’d suggest you hit the amazing sky bars and remember if you want to keep the cost down, get tanked up outside 7 Eleven before you go. There’s no airs and graces here. Thank you Hong Kong for making me feel like a teenager again. 

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