Food poisoning in Indonesia Asia. (04/08/16 to 05/08/17) 

It started pretty soon after I ate the famous guacamole in Bukit Luwang. A few hours later I was crouched over on the bed, hurling into a bowl as I was too weak to make it to the bathroom. The cramping in my stomach was so bad I thought I was going to have to go to hospital although there didn’t seem to be one locally.

I had to get up at nine the next morning to travel for five hours to Medan Airport. That wasn’t all. I then had to get a two and a half hour flight to Jakarta, stop over for nine hours, and get on another three hour flight to Bali.

The next morning I was as weak as kitten. I had developed a fever however as I had stopped being sick I decided to carry on with my flights. I could hardly lift my bags and the car journey to Medan on Sumatra’s bumpy roads felt like torture as my stomach cramped up. I hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before and could hardly drink water which added to me feeling so weak.

Somehow I got through the whole journey but it was the first time I felt homesick and a little scared. I started thinking I might have dengue fever, after scaring myself on the internet, although thankfully I didn’t have the headache you apparently get and the symptoms sounded worse.

I know right now there are fellow travellers with food poisoning in backpacker accommodation maybe with limited people around them who speak their native language and with limited nearby medical care.

I can’t stress enough the importance of having travel insurance for this type of situation. I went with World Nomads who specialise in covering those who are backpacking. It definitely made me feel better knowing I was covered if I needed to go to hospital. They can also cover your electronic gadgets etc and sometimes they offer discounts. So yes never leave without it. It costs money for sure but it cost a whole lot more if something goes wrong.

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