Experiencing bustling Bangkok. (06/07/17 to 08/07/17)

Going from an ordinary citizen to a backpacker is an odd experience. You suddenly look a little less like you. You’re keeping things cheap so your normal beauty routine goes out the window. Your clothes now look shabby and your shiny hair becomes a distant memory. What’s great is you’ve suddenly been welcomed into a worldwide community with no subscription fee. The backpacking community, who look just as shabby as you with their giant backpacks also weighing them down, are generally a friendly bunch. You laugh together when you get lost, get stuck on terrifying buses together and help one another with language barriers.

I’m thinking about this as it’s 4:30 a.m. and I’m wide awake due to jet lag. Somewhere in between the hours I fall into welcomed darkness.

The light creeps in and I decide to explore Bangkok Palace. Here dress code is very important. The guard explains you can borrow (from who?), buy or rent trousers. I spent hours in the blazing sun photographing the beautiful temples and Palace.

That evening I walk to China Town stumbling through the tuk tuks, motorbikes and many small wild cats. I’m shocked to see shark fin and birds nests being cooked amongst fried insects and morning glory but down a lane I find the best sticky coconut rice with mango in the world. That night I list all the things I want to see and realise there will never be enough time.

The next day I take the bus to see the monitor lizards sunbathe amongst those on their lunch breaks in Lumphini Park, a freaky sight but I don’t stay long as the humidity is killing me. I’m swatting sticky mosquitoes like they’re going out of fashion.

The following night I head to the area of Nana, to Bangkok’s famous sky bar, ‘Above Eleven’. For the first time in days I put on makeup and do my hair. One hour later I’m standing in the belting rain with no makeup on, listening to the bus officer contact the public bus driver to come get me…even though my stop was on his route… I guess he forgot. The journey was worth it, the view of sparkling skyscrapers beneath me was as incredible as the sushi and cocktails. It was a great way to end my trip in this cosmopolitan, intense and congested city.

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